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Flying the South African Mathematics and Science high

  • By Staff Writer, SAASTA
Global Techer’s Awards 2019

Mr. K.W Sibiya is changing the face of Maths and Science from subjects most hated, avoided and failed into subjects that are loved, passed and mastered by learners. He uses social trends such latest dance moves, songs and sport to illustrate Maths and Science. Learners, Educators and Parents from around the country have desperately reached out to him to visit their schools and community.

The South African maths and science teacher has recently beaten contenders from 79 countries to win the coveted teacher of the year award.

Who is Khangelani Sibiya?

He achieved Matric at Biva Combined School and a Degree of Senior and FET Bed in Maths and Science at University of Zululand and While still at school Mr. K.W Sibiya used to help fellow classmates in Maths and Sciences. He started helping schools in 2008 during his 2nd year level at University of Zulu and in 2009 founded Maths & Science training with Mr. A.S Mabaso, his mentor at the time, created a team of students’ teachers to visit schools around KZN to teach Maths & Science. Worked as a tutor at RBCT “woza” Project and PGCE teaching Mathematics to learners from different schools at Esikhawini. He started working as a teacher at Aquadene Secondary School back in 2011.

While at Aquadene Secondary School he launched KWV Tutoring, a registered Maths & Science NPO Established his first Maths & Science Tutoring Centre at Aquadene Secondary School in Richards Bay from 2011 to2013. Expanded the Centre to Mzingazi area, a term classes were created around oBukato meet the growing demand from: Dumezweni, Mkhombisi, Manzimhlophe, Mondini, Obuka and Nkosithandile. In 2016 KWV Tutoring changed into WTS Maths and Science Tutoring (WHERE TO START Maths & Science). Through WTS Tutoring, he works with University of Zululand to train student teachers to prepare their teaching methods and approaches. Compiling and simplifying all chapters for both Maths and Science and sharing them on social networks and his website for the benefit of the nation. He opened the WTS finishing school at Richards Bay to assist the youth to upgrade their subject grades. During the school holidays, he would assist learners around the country through WTS TUTORING programme. He also hosts the end of Term Maths and Science camps around the country. Being invited by local education districts to train other educators in Maths & Science, schools around the country books services of Mr. Sibiya with invitations coming from as far as Limpopo, Northwest, Gauteng to Eastern Cape to name a few. South Africa took keen interest to his style of teaching Maths and Science. Various Media Houses approached him for an interview, of all the broadcasters and publications notable are:
• SABC Radio
• E-TV
• Morning News
• Various Community Radio Stations around the country
• Various Community News Papers and Magazines around the country

Achievements honors and awards for more on Mr. Sibiya

• www.wtstutor.co.za Maths and Science with Distinction at University of Zululand back in 2010.
• On his final year at University of Zululand Mr. K.W Sibiya was appointed a Chairperson of Maths   and Science in the Department of Education, where he got to work hand in hand with Doctor   D.C. Sibaya an H.O.D in Department of Education.
• Appointed as an H.O.D of MATHS AND SCENCIE at Dumanikahle School.
• After leaving Dumanikahle to work closer to home towards the end of 2016 he became H.O.D at   Siphumelele Secondary.
• Mr. K.W Sibiya is a multi-award winning educator and continues to impact the nation through his   style of teaching that attracts learners, parents and fellow educators from around the country.   This has earned him many titles as a token of appreciation by learners. Titles such as
  “Dr Maths”, “Professor”, “Babes we Maths” and “Solwazi”
• However, most importantly he is appreciated by his colleagues, which have won him the   following awards:
    • Department of Education Best Student Award2010 South African Best Men Award in       Education 2017
    • Inspirational Award at Edu-Week 2018